Big Star

Elevating digital craftsmanship: a journey to personalized excellence

In a landscape where fashion and digital marketing converge, Space Ads and Big Star have embarked on a transformative journey, elevating the brand's online visibility and sales to unprecedented heights. Through a strategic blend of Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram) and Google Ads campaigns, this partnership is a testament to what's achievable with creativity, analytics, and a relentless focus on growth.

Foundation of success:

A synergy of style and strategy

Big Star, a name that has been at the forefront of denim fashion since 1990, sought to transcend traditional boundaries by partnering with Space Ads.

Our mission was clear: leverage our deep expertise in:

Meta AdsGoogle AdsAnalyticsMarketing Automation

to catalyze Big Star's growth and redefine market efficiency.

Objectives of our collaboration

Maximized online sales

Our goal was to significantly boost online sales. Through optimizing ad spend across Meta and Google Ads, we ensured maximum efficiency and effectiveness of marketing budget.

Enhanced brand visibility

We strategically utilized Meta Ads to deepen Big Star's connection with its core audience, amplifying its brand presence in the digital realm.

Optimized digital experience

Recognizing the importance of a seamless online journey, we refined user navigation and the shopping experience, making it more intuitive and engaging.

Integrated marketing automation

By deploying advanced marketing automation technologies, we enhanced customer engagement and loyalty, streamlining communication and personalizing the customer experience.

Navigating challenges to forge a unique path

In the competitive landscape of digital fashion retail, Space Ads and Big Star embarked on a strategic mission to redefine digital excellence. Facing the dual challenge of market saturation and brand consistency, our tailored approach emphasized:

Creative differentiation

Setting Big Star apart with unique, engaging digital content.

Cohesive storytelling

Unifying brand messaging across all digital platforms for a consistent narrative.

Optimized customer journey

Enhancing user experience through smart automation, ensuring seamless navigation and interaction.

This multifaceted strategy not only addressed the challenges head-on but also paved the way for groundbreaking success in digital marketing.

Building a data-driven foundation

Laying the groundwork with a meticulous digital audit, Space Ads revolutionized Big Star's advertising methodologies. Our initiative entailed:

In-depth digital evaluation

Beginning with an exhaustive audit, we identified opportunities for strategic enhancement, setting a new course for Big Star's digital advertising efforts.

Marketing automation integration

By embedding advanced marketing automation technologies, we facilitated sophisticated interactions with customers, laying a foundation for dynamic, personalized communication.

Harmonized ad strategy

We streamlined and synchronized advertising across Meta and Google Ads, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.

This comprehensive approach not only refined Big Star's marketing tactics but also established a robust, data-driven foundation poised for substantial growth and market agility.

Personalization at scale

In our quest for unparalleled digital dominance, Space Ads harnessed the power of detailed analytics to craft highly targeted campaigns for Big Star, focusing on:

Advanced audience segmentation

Utilizing deep analytics to precisely identify and target specific customer segments, ensuring campaigns reach the most receptive audiences.

Dynamic campaign optimization

Adapting strategies in real-time based on performance data, guaranteeing maximum impact and efficiency.

Automated email marketing

Elevating lead conversion rates through personalized email campaigns, meticulously designed and automated for each audience segment.

This strategic blend of personalization and automation not only sharpened Big Star’s market positioning but also significantly bolstered its competitive advantage, demonstrating the effectiveness of tailored marketing in driving substantial business growth.


In accordance with our esteemed collaboration with Big Star and their strategic market position, we've agreed to keep specific outcomes confidential, highlighting the effectiveness of our partnership through testimonials instead. These testimonials serve as a robust indicator of our successful endeavors and the value we bring to our clients.

“Cooperation with the advertising agency “Space Ads” managed by Mr Rafal Chojnacki is effective and trouble-free. The project team is able to successfully prepare both the technical aspects of running an online advertising campaign and to execute creations engaging users.The activities conducted by “Space Ads” are well-thought-out, supported by analytical data and directly influencing the realisation of the company’s business objectives. Commissioned performance marketing and analytical activities lead to an increase in sales from the online channel and improvement of the conversion rate.

We recommend the cooperation with “Space Ads” agency to all the brands operating in eCommerce sector.”


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