Philipp Plein

Luxury fashion performance campaigns reimagined

The partnership between Philipp Plein and Space Ads represents a bold and visionary approach to luxury fashion advertising. By embracing the transformative power of technology and venturing into uncharted territories, the brand has set a new standard for digital marketing and redefined the way luxury fashion is experienced by consumers worldwide.

Through this innovative collaboration, Philipp Plein has redefined the concept of luxury fashion performance campaigns. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, captivating visuals, and strategic storytelling, the brand has created a multi-sensory journey that engages consumers on a deeper level.

Luxury fashion campaigns reimagined:

The transformation of digital experiences

Since its foundation in 1998, Philipp Plein has been at the forefront of luxury fashion, known for its extravagant designs and lavish fashion shows. Partnering with Space Ads, the aim was to transcend traditional marketing boundaries, leveraging cutting-edge digital strategies to solidify its global presence.

To achieve the highest possible results, we’ve put our bet on:

Meta AdsGoogle AdsTikTok AdsMicrosoft Ads

to reach users with our new marketing campaigns, boost brand visibility and get attention of our customers. 

Objectives of collaboration

Global brand amplification

To enhance Philipp Plein's international brand visibility, adapting to dynamic market trends.

Sales performance enhancement

Drive significant online sales growth through strategic digital marketing campaigns.

Market expansion

Reach untapped markets, introducing Philipp Plein's luxury fashion to new audiences.

Customer engagement maximization

Engage and retain a global clientele through personalized, innovative marketing efforts.

Confronting the challenges

Our journey began with an in-depth analysis of Philipp Plein’s digital presence, leading to refined Google, Meta, TikTok and Microsoft Ads campaigns that aligned with the brand’s luxurious essence.

Navigating luxury market nuances

Tailoring strategies to resonate within the luxury sector.

Maintaining brand prestige

Ensuring all digital marketing efforts align with Philipp Plein's luxury status.

Innovative engagement

Creating compelling digital experiences for a discerning clientele.

The partnership highlights collaborative synergy between Philipp Plein and Space Ads, merging luxury market insight with digital campaign expertise to set a new standard in fashion marketing.

Advanced Integrations, Big Data Analysis, and Creative Ads:  A Winning Collaboration

Our partnership with Philipp Plein was not only a testament to our expertise in digital marketing but also a showcase of the transformative power of collaboration. By leveraging advanced integrations, big data analysis, and great creatives provided by the client, we achieved remarkable results that redefined the boundaries of luxury fashion marketing.

In-depth digital strategy evaluation

Our audit identified opportunities for strategic improvement in Philipp Plein’s digital advertising campaigns.

API, pixels and conversion tracking

We gathered data across platforms and used it to craft effective campaigns for the luxury market. We also improved conversion tracking.

Synchronized luxury ad campaigns

We ensured Philipp Plein's online presence through aligned ads on social media platforms and search engines.

The results of this collaboration were nothing short of extraordinary. We achieved significant growth in brand awareness, engagement, and sales, surpassing initial targets and setting new benchmarks for the industry. This success story not only showcased our capabilities but also highlighted the transformative power of collaboration in driving exceptional outcomes.

Triumphant outcomes

Partnership with Philipp Plein led to a significant increase in international brand presence, online sales, and customer engagement, resulting in industry recognition. The partnership laid a foundation for sustainable growth in the fashion industry.

International visibility leap

Amplified global brand presence, achieving a significant increase in international market penetration.

Online sales surge

Recorded substantial growth in e-commerce sales, surpassing previous benchmarks.

Engagement and loyalty growth

Enhanced customer engagement rates, solidifying a loyal global clientele attracted to the luxury and uniqueness of Philipp Plein.

The partnership between Philipp Plein and Space Ads resulted in outstanding outcomes, including a significant increase in international brand presence, online sales, and customer engagement. The collaboration not only met but surpassed initial targets, setting new benchmarks for the luxury fashion industry. This success story showcased the power of collaboration and innovation in driving exceptional results, establishing a strong foundation for sustainable growth in the luxury fashion industry.


In accordance with our esteemed collaboration with Big Star and their strategic market position, we've agreed to keep specific outcomes confidential, highlighting the effectiveness of our partnership through testimonials instead. These testimonials serve as a robust indicator of our successful endeavors and the value we bring to our clients.

“The whole cooperation was very professional and the contact with the team was very good. At the beginning, we held the Discovery Phase, during which we presented our goals and discussed scope of the work. The whole phase was divided into stages, we worked on each of them seperatly - it was very effective and we had a control uner the process. We had weekly calls during which we discussed progress, and the Space Ads team presented us with the results of their work and recommendations. During our cooperation, we asked the Team for an additional service - an audit of our PPC campaigns. Space Ads showed great professionalism, they gave us many valuable tips & corrected our setups.

During our cooperation, Space Ads showed the highest professionalism. Communication was flawless: formal topics were discussed via email or during official calls and we communicated with the team via Slack on a daily basis. The team was always available for us, we were committed and motivated to achieve our goals. Space Ads is a very reliable company that has always delivered work before deadlines.

The commitment of the team, which made us feel as if they were an internal part of the team during our cooperation. We haven't felt that we are limited by the the contract. Space Ads is a team of experts who have exceptional knowledge and are specialized in what they do - we have certainly gained valuable experience and it was a great cooperation for us.”


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